The Women’s Political Council

The Women’s Political Council: Black Women at the Vanguard of Social Activism in 1950s Montgomery, Alabama During a 15-year period, between 1946 and 1960, Black middle class and professional women in Montgomery, Alabama, organized the Women’s Political Council (WPC) as a vehicle to create social and political change.  These highly respected and very capable women … Read more

Eleanor Dawkins Daughter of Rufus Lewis Oral Interview

Mrs. Eleanor Dawkins daughter of Rufus Lewis, March 30, 2006, at her business in Montgomery, Alabama. The interview was conducted by Tasha Garrett, an Alabama State University student, Dr. Howard Robinson, and Shirley Jordan, an ASU faculty member. Bio: Eleanor Dawkins was Mr. Rufus Lewis’ only child and daughter. She was raised in Montgomery, Alabama … Read more